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Timea is a Molecular biologist (MSc) & Computational chemist (MSc, PhD), science liaison, and strategic business development and marketing specialist, with 15 years in pharmaceutical R&D, biotech and scientific software development.

Articles by Timea Polgar

Multiple Myeloma Cancer Stem Cells Decreased with Novel Antibody Medi-551

A preliminary clinical study at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center demonstrated that antibody treatment could decrease by half the number of cancer stem cells, which control the progression of cancer in almost all patients suffering from multiple myeloma. The efficiency of the antibody MEDI-551 was studied in 15 patients suffering from…

Study Explores Challenges of Treating Myeloma in the Elderly

The diagnosis and management of myeloma in the very elderly is especially challenging, despite improvements in therapies. A review study, “Multiple myeloma in the very elderly patient: challenges and solutions, published in Clinical Interventions in Aging, suggested ways of overcoming the difficulties to maximize these patients’ length and quality of life. New drug development has…