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Yedida Y. Bogachkov is a science writer for BioNews. She holds a PhD in cellular and molecular pharmacology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Prior to joining BioNews, she was conducting scientific research analyzing cancer genomics. She’s a Chicago native and hasn’t moved out of her hometown. Yes, she actually likes snow and enjoys having all four seasons. Yedida likes being out in nature, and in her free time, she can be found outside enjoying the fresh air or baking (inside). She is, unsuccessfully, trying to persuade the rest of her family to enjoy hiking. Yedida is excited to bring her passion for science and her desire to help people to BioNews.

Articles by Yedida Y Bogachkov PhD

Model May Better Classify Multiple Myeloma and Relapse Risks

A model that may better classify multiple myeloma (MM) using genetic sequence data from hundreds of patients has been developed. The model can identify specific genes and genetic alterations responsible for disease subtypes related to a risk of relapse, and it may contribute to the identification of targeted therapies,…