Ana Pamplona, PhD,  —

Ana holds her PhD in Biochemistry from the Faculty of Science and Technology from Lisbon (UNL). She has worked in the T-cell differentiation and Tumor targeting Lab at Instituto de Medicina Molecular, headed by Prof. Bruno Silva-Santos, and has served as a scientific reviewer for the peer-reviewed journal Infection & Immunity.

Articles by Ana Pamplona

New CAR T-cell Therapy Seen to Induce Lasting Remission in Advanced Multiple Myeloma Patients

An ongoing Phase 1 trial testing a novel CAR T-cell therapy has shown promising results in relapsed or treatment-resistant (refractory) multiple myeloma patients. The new anti-BCMA therapy, called LCAR-B38M, induced tumor responses in all 35 enrolled patients, and 94 percent experienced complete or near complete durable remissions. The findings were recently presented…