HealthTree University Opens to Help Myeloma Patients Better Direct Their Care

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HealthTree University opens

The online portal HealthTree has opened a free and online patient resource connecting multiple myeloma experts from around the world with patients to help them better understand their disease, so doctor visits can be better spent on personalized care.

More than 120 myeloma specialists are expected to participate in HealthTree University (HTU), which offers a comprehensive curriculum currently consisting of more than 200 video lectures spread over 14 courses, taught by 71 of those experts.

“When patients are first diagnosed with cancer, they each have to reinvent the wheel to get up-to-speed on their disease,” Jenny Ahlstrom, founder of the TheCrowdCare Foundation and, said in a press release. “The addition of HealthTree University makes it possible for patients to learn quickly about myeloma from top myeloma experts at home so they can use clinic time to discuss their treatment plan.

“In the future,” said Ahlstrom, a myeloma patient, “we hope HealthTree University can serve as a model for educating patients in other diseases.”

HTU lessons start at three ascending levels of Myeloma Basics. In that first fundamental course, topics include What is Multiple Myeloma? How Long Will I Live? What are Signs and Symptoms? and, What is a Monoclonal Protein and How is it Detected?

Patients can track their progress and advance to more complex lectures. In addition to Getting Started, overall courses include Building Your Healthcare Team, Becoming an Empowered Patient, Starting Myeloma Treatment, Autologous Stem Cell Transplant, Precursor Conditions, Relapsed and Refractory Multiple Myeloma Treatment, Myeloma Bone Disease, Testing and Monitoring Multiple Myeloma Markers, Multiple Myeloma Genetics and Precision Medicine, Classes of Drugs, and, COVID-19 and Multiple Myeloma.

Patients can take quizzes to reinforce their knowledge, and bookmark lessons for later use. They also can take notes to earn points toward attending myeloma events, or to get a telemedicine consultation discount.

To reflect ongoing developments in myeloma investigations, HTU will regularly add new content and courses.

“As an educator, I recognize that knowledge is extremely powerful,” said Cynthia Chmielewski, HealthTree University director. “HealthTree University empowers individuals with knowledge about all aspects of myeloma, enabling them to become active participants in their care and to make informed decisions.”

Visit this site to view a recorded tutorial webinar about HealthTree University. is a digital community tool that helps myeloma patients explore treatment options, find clinical trials, and contribute their de-identified medical information as data that help to advance research into multiple myeloma and its care.